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We offering a host of cloud packages on a decentralized cloud platform giving the user the control over their data and services including cyber security consulting, antivirus software sales & consulting, and through us and our partners like GAB Computers, providing you with support, IT hardware sales and support , IT consulting,

website hosting and development. The company has been successfully catering to people and small to medium businesses

  • Cloud and web hosting.
  • Web design/development.
  • Cyber security, antivirus sales and consulting, IT software & hardware sales and support.

We aim to support and assist people, home based businesses, and small to medium enterprises. Feel free to contact us via our sales contact page (sales queries only) or if you need support or have a support query, please contact us through our support desk ticket system.


Cyber Security Strategy

We work diligently to provide solutions that protect your system as well as give you peace of mind while working from home or office online.

Cloud Solutions

We work diligently to provide cloud support and solutions for your home based business or small to medium enterprises so you worry less.

Audit & Consulting

We work diligently to provide solutions that provide you all the necessary information to make informed decisions on your IT infrastructure.

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About Us

We offering the latest economical cloud services with Nextcloud infrastructure. Nextcloud offers the industry-leading, on-premises content collaboration platform. As a vendor of on-premises solutions, Nextcloud puts the customer in control over their data in the most literal and direct sense.