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Included in the cloud package, being able to upload and synchronize/backup your data, you also have access to various features that assist with tasks, planning, cookbook creation, reminders on calendars, email integration from any email address, creating forms like the google forms, budget calculation, ebook reader, quick notes for reminders, all these and many more features,

and if your in the mood for some radio, you can choose from a long list of worldwide stations to listen to, or simply create a favorite list. The are many features being added and some in testing, many features can be used for personal or home based businesses

  • Calendar
  • Pico CMS
  • Phone Sync
  • Quick Notes
  • Cook Book
  • Appointments
  • eBook Reader
  • Listen to Radio
  • Polls & Tasks
  • Forms & Cospend
  • Above are only a few of the currently available features, and as we move forward, more features will be added.

We aim to support and assist people, home based businesses, and small to medium enterprises. Feel free to contact us for support or sales by logging a ticket on the support page.


Cloud Audio Player

A music player for FLAC, MP3, MP4, AIF, AAC,
  • streams with playlist support,
  • and SONOS integration
  • Cover or List view by categories
  • Tuned for big audio collections
  • Favorites, smart lists &
  • playlists & stream URLs
  • Search, Collaborative Tag integration
  • Specifying media folder
  • Hardware media keys &
  • Chrome/Android/macOS integration
  • SONOS player via add-on
  • 04

    Cloud Polls

    A polls app, similar to Doodle/Dudle.

    Cloud Tasks

    Once enabled, a new Tasks menu will appear in your cloud apps menu. From there you can add and delete tasks, edit their title, description, start and due dates and mark them as important. Tasks can be shared between users. Tasks can be synchronized using CalDav (each task list is linked to a cloud calendar, to sync it to your local client - Thunderbird, Evolution, KDE Kontact, iCal, … - just add the calendar as a remote calendar in your client). You can download your tasks as ICS files using the download button for each calendar.

    Cloud Radio

    Listening to your favorite radio stations in the cloud! This app uses radio browser database as a backend.
  • Listen to radio stations
  • Browse stations worldwide
  • Create a favorite stations list
  • Dashboard widget support
  • Keep track of recent played stations
  • Browse stations by language or country
  • Smoth audio playback and transitions.
  • 05

    Cloud Cospend

    You can use it when you share a house, when you go on vacation with friends, whenever you share money with others. It lets you create projects with members and bills. Each member has a balance computed from the project bills. This way you can see who owes the group and who the group owes. Ultimately you can ask for a settlement plan telling you which payments to make to reset members balances. Project members are independent from cloud users. Projects can be accessed and modified by people without a cloud account. Each project has an ID and a password for guest access.

    Cloud Pico CMS

    Create simple, secure, shareable and amazingly powerful blog sites with just a few clicks. Pico is a stupidly simple, blazing fast, flat file CMS - making the web easy.

    Cloud Cook Book

    A library for all your recipes. It uses JSON files following the recipe format. To add a recipe to the collection, you can paste in the URL of the recipe, and the provided web page will be parsed and downloaded to whichever folder you specify in the app settings..

    Cloud Appointments

    Book appointments into your calendar via secure online form. Attendees can confirm or cancel their appointments via an email link.

    Cloud Forms

  • Simplistic design
  • Works well on mobile
  • Results are visualized
  • and can also be exported as CSV in
  • the same format used by Google Forms
  • Data under your control!
  • Unlike in Google Forms, Typeform, Doodle and others
  • the survey info and responses are kept private on your instance
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